Vitamin Supplements & Cataract Risk

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vitamin Supplements & Cataract Risk

In general, people take vitamins because they believe that they will have a favorable impact on their health and well being. While the best source of getting the daily required amount of micronutrients to maintain or improve health is by eating a proper diet each day, sometimes we just can’t be consistent with food alone. So, taking vitamin supplements may in fact be helpful in avoiding or preventing health problems, diseases and conditions. But how much vitamin intake is good? And is there any adverse effect of taking vitamins?

Vitamins & Risk of Cataracts
Are vitamins good or bad for affecting your risk of developing cataracts? Researchers reporting in the American Journal of Epidemiology evaluated the risks and benefits of taking high dose supplements of vitamins C and E and low-dose multivitamins with the risk of developing age related cataract.  Their study looked at any associations of high-dose supplements of vitamins C and E and low dose multivitamins with the risk of age related cataract in a group of 31,120 men who ranged in age from 45–79 years of age. Their results suggest that the use of high dose-but not low dose-single vitamin C or E supplements may increase the risk of age-related cataract. The risk may be even higher among older men, corticosteroid users, and long-term users.

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