Laser Cataract Surgery: A Gentler Approach

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Laser Cataract Surgery: A Gentler Approach

Laser Cataract Surgery Offers a Gentler Approach
When you visit The Eye Care & Surgery Center for a cataract evaluation and decide to have cataract surgery to help improve your vision, lifestyle and mobility, based on our eye examination and the health of the delicate structures and tissue inside your eye, we may recommend using laser cataract surgery to provide you with a more gentle cataract surgery and lens implant procedure.

According to researchers reporting in the Journal of Refractive Surgery, laser cataract surgery does indeed allow for a gentler cataract surgery procedure. While there is really little or no difference between  traditional or manual cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery in uncorrected distance visual acuity, corrected distance visual acuity, surgically induced astigmatism, and corneal aberrations, the laser cataract surgery was gentler on the cornea as it caused less loss of fragile endothelial cells and less corneal swelling from the cataract surgery. This is related to the fact that by using the laser energy to “presoften” the cloudy lens material of the cataract we are able to use considerably less ultrasound energy during the “phacoemulsification” portion of the procedure making the overall procedure much gentler. In addition, the amount of time required for the more intense phacoemulsification parts of the cataract surgery procedure-chopping, fragmenting and removing the cataract are significantly lower with the laser cataract surgery. 

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