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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kyle Tells His LASIK Experience

“My experience with PRK has been life changing.  Initially, I was hoping to get Lasik, but after my consultation with Dr. Confino I felt extremely confident that PRK was the right decision.  It was a journey where I had to get used to daily regimens of eye drops, but I had glasses since I was 14 and longed for the day where I could live life glasses free.

The surgery itself was quick and painless.  I had a Xanax and numbing eye drops and the procedure began.  I was alert and stared at what looked to me like a dot, but was actually the laser and before I knew it the surgery was complete!  After surgery I was driven home and got plenty of sleep.  The next week had its ups and downs, but I trusted Dr. Confino’s advice.  Out of work for a week and unable to drive, but I stayed positive. 

At the week mark I had the contacts taken out.  I remember going to sleep that night and waking up the next day in total amazement.  I was seeing better than I ever had in my years wearing glasses.  It felt like a complete miracle and I was ultra-excited!  Over the next few weeks my eyes were still building back strength.  I would go from times where my vision was incredible and then other times where my eyes seemed to be weakening.  Around 3 and ½ to 4 weeks after the surgery is when I had a moment of clarity.  I was driving home from work in pouring rain and all I could think about was how well I could see.  At that time I felt like my vision was starting to become really close to where I wanted it to be and I was extremely happy.

I continued on with follow up appointments after a month and then again after 3 months.  After 3 months I was told that I no longer needed to use drops.  As time goes on my vision remains strong and life without glasses continues to get better.  I feel more freedom in my everyday life and feel more confident than ever.  I will be forever thankful for the great work that Dr. Confino did.  For anyone considering having laser eye surgery I would say to explore your options, see if you are a candidate, and if you are I would highly recommend having the surgery.  It is quick, painless, and is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

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