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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cataract Story from Mal D

“When I went to see Dr. Confino for the first time I was wearing glasses for distance, glasses for reading, glasses for my computer. I also had a lovely pair that I wore to drive that had distance on top and the bottom so I could see the dash board. My vision was getting worse and I thought I might have the beginning of cataracts like some of my friends. After a thorough examination of my eyes and explanation of my situation by Dr. Confino and his staff, I learned I did not have cataracts yet. I was offered an alternative to my current eye glass situation after complaining how miserable it was to have to always be searching for a pair to take care of the right task. Dr. Confino suggested a clear lens extraction, which as explained to me, was the same as cataract surgery but without the cataract and I would never develop cataracts. He went on to tell me my eyes were healthy enough to have a multifocal lens so I wouldn’t need glasses for reading or far away. I thought he was kidding, could it be true? Done with glasses? I went on to speak with Jerette Lerner who works closely with Dr. Confino. She explained everything to me, what steps I need to take, answered all my questions and held my hand through the process. Fast forward, it has now been several months since my surgery which was painless and I have never been happier or felt more liberated. After struggling with glasses all my life then reading glasses too, I felt young again. My eyes will now see everything as I enjoy all the world has to show me. Thank you Dr. Confino and Jerette for all your amazing help and guidance and to their staff for making the process seamless.”

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