Do You Struggle at the Computer?

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Do You Struggle at the Computer?

Do you struggle at the computer because you are on it 8 hours or more a day and those progressive lenses just don’t seem to work? You are among the several million patients in the U.S., with progressives which do not meet those needs. Some of the symptoms which develop are muscle pain in the back of the neck and shoulders, headaches and tired eyes. This happens because we are not built to work at such lengths for extended periods of time. There are specific lens designs which address this problem. They are called Near Variable Focus Lenses. Unlike progressives which give you distance on the top of the lenses and slowly progressing to your near prescription towards the lower portion of the lens-hence they are called progressive lenses-these Near Variable Focus Lenses are made exclusively to address the range of your computer and fully giving you the near power on the bottom. Unlike progressives, they are made so that you do not have to raise your chin and drop your eyes to find the portion you would like to read. As you are looking straight on to the computer the whole upper portion of the lens give you full clarity and as you lower your eyes you will be able to read fully without strain. The wonderful thing about this lens is that I can customize it to the range in your office or a bit further away. The lenses run in midrange focus from 3.5 feet to 13 feet.

Example: I recently had an attorney at our Iselin office who expressed that he needed to not only do his computer work but when in court needed to stand and address the court, judge and his client and at the same time scan the desk with his paperwork . I gave him a tailored Near Variable Focus Lens which gave him a distance of 13 feet and all the way down to his reading portion, thereby maximizing his vision. Excellent candidates for a Near Variable Focus Lens are hairdressers, attorneys, mechanics, dentists, CPA’s, secretaries, and anyone who is currently struggling with that computer range.

By: Elle Quintanilla
NJ Licensed Optician

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