Polarized Lenses and the Winter Sun

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Polarized Lenses and the Winter Sun

By Elle Quintanilla

About the Winter Sun
This winter has been a real problem-cold, snow and glare! Be aware of the winter sun, glare and how polarized lenses can be very helpful.  We motorists begin are particularly troubled by the glare from the sun. This affects a majority of adults as we begin to become susceptible to this glare and require a longer time to recover from its exposure. There may even be an increase in traffic accidents due to the motorists being temporarily blinded by the sun. This can occur from driving directly into the sunlight or from the reflected light from another vehicle, road or any reflective surface.

About Polarized Eyeglass Lenses
The powerful glare of the winter sun has the potential to damage the eye due to the lower elevation of the sun in the sky. When snow is on the ground the risk increases to 85% of the UV rays being transmitted upward. Using 100% polarized lenses is truly the only way to eliminate glare. Polarized and antireflective lenses are especially good for protecting the eyes from the winter glare in the winter and also all year round. They utilize a polarized filtering technology to deflect and diffuse concentrated light waves. This process eliminates 99% of the reflected glare.

Polarized lenses also provide excellent protection for the outdoor enthusiast by blocking the glare that causes eyestrain and fatigue. A frequent problem for the skiers, snowmobilers and others who spend time in the intense reflective light of the snow is “snow blindness”. This can damage the cornea for up to 1 week causing eye pain and extremely sensitivity to light and that of having sand in the eyes. While sun wear is a popular fashion accessory, protective eyewear is critical now as scientists point out the rapid deterioration of the earth’s ozone layer and subsequent increased amount of UV rays. Regular eye exams are a crucial necessity for optimal vision health. Eye care professionals can assist in the selection of the appropriate protective and fashionable eyewear in order to suit everyone’s lifestyle needs.

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