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Thursday, February 20, 2014

LASIK for a CEO, Husband & Father

Dear Dr. Confino & Crew:

I spent a long time thinking about the type of letter I wanted to write to you and the staff and after browsing through the "praise" book located in your lobby. I felt the best letter I could write is one speaking to the person who will ultimately read this...the patient. So…

Dear Potential Patient,

While you sit there looking around, keeping yourself busy and now reading this letter, let me introduce myself, I am Sean and like you found myself, filled with excitement and fear, continually challenging my thinking of having LASIK. I am writing this to you to help put some of your thoughts at ease (well as much as a letter can). While I am happy now and will continue to get happier with healing, you owe yourself a reality check on probably the most important decision you will make in your lifetime. This is not like choosing a new car or outfit....let's be honest, it's your eyes. First let me tell you that as I write this letter to you I have 20/15 vision (better than 20/20) but it comes with patience! This is something I want you to continue to remember. I am sure you did as I had and asked all your friends, read as much as you can online and spoke to family about LASIK. Being informed is great but don't get yourself crazy because this is where the seat you choose is most important.
You are sitting in what you may find to be a busy office and please do not take the amount of people as a bad thing. Take it as a compliment to the people and staff you will eventually meet and at some point feel as though are family. The staff in this relationship is what makes the LASIK process great and their attentive nature. In my treatment, I did come upon some complications (not going to lie since we will become LASIK buddies one day). I am not mentioning this to you to put any more fear in your decision but rather make you feel that if you enter into an elective surgery your hope is that IF anything were to happen you get the attention and knowledge you need. It’s not fair for me or you to say that we would/should expect this because no one EXPECTS to have issues. Remember, I am writing to you with great vision now and again PATIENCE is the key. This is a process and the people who will guide you through this process.

Will you be happy? Yes. Is this something that happens overnight? No. But these are the things you will come to learn in your time with the Doctor. What I wanted to impress on you, again as someone just like you, is that you are choosing the right place. Beyond the coffee and donuts it's about the people and their ability to support your needs and be responsive. Take this step knowing again that you are in such hands here.
Best and good luck,
Sean B.