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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Holiday’s & Untreated Hearing Loss

Happy Holidays?  Maybe Not for those with untreated hearing loss!

People who “live” with untreated hearing loss are more prone to anxiety, depression, feelings of isolation, and even anger. The holidays can be especially trying for those with hearing loss because there’s usually a lot of laughter and sharing of stories. Often the person with hearing loss feels left out and that others may be laughing at, or talking about, THEM, causing feelings of paranoia. The “Happy” Holidays can be very unhappy for those suffering with untreated hearing loss.

For the loved ones of someone struggling with hearing loss, frustration and anger are the two biggest results and could put a damper on any holiday celebration and a strain on the family dynamic. Hearing loss is a great cause of family friction and generally degrades quality of life. With the holiday season approaching, I strongly urge everyone who may suspect they have hearing loss, to at least have it checked and have your options explained to you. What a wonderful holiday gift to yourself or a loved one… the gift of hearing.