Lens Coatings for Glasses-Which Are Best for Me?

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lens Coatings for Glasses-Which Are Best for Me?

There are many types of lenses and coatings available when purchasing glasses. It is sometimes difficult, if not being advised by a licensed optician, to know which coating(s) are going to provide the clearest and most effective vision. The first step in making an educated decision is to understand the different coatings/lenses and what each provides.

Polycarbonate Lenses
This lens has scratch resistant coating, is lightweight and is shatter resistant. This is a must for children and for active people playing contact sports where you can get hit.

Scratch Resistant Coating
This coating helps prevent the lenses from getting scratched easily. However it is not 100% scratch proof.

Ultra Violet Coating
Eyeglass lenses can be coated to diminish the amount of UV radiation that passes through. This coating is recommended to protect the eyes from UV rays which can cause several serious eye problems.

Anti-Reflective Coating (AR Coating)
This coating reduces distracting glare particularly to patients who have trouble with driving at night. AR coating eliminates scattering of light, thus eliminating confusion and glare especially for light sensitive patients.

Photochromic Lenses
The lens tint adjusts from clear to dark, depending on changing light conditions.
This is helpful for patients with prescription lenses who hate switching from eyeglasses to sunglasses.

Polarized Lenses
This is considered the best sunglass lens because it reduces glare and provides high contrast vision with maximum UV protection available. It is great for driving and any outdoor activity.

Lynette Cababa is the Optician in our Warren Location. We are very grateful she agreed to be our guest blogger today.