Glasses after Cataract Surgery-Will I Need Them?

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glasses after Cataract Surgery-Will I Need Them?

Ivan Jacobs, M.D.

“As a Cataract Surgeon I have two main goals to achieve during Cataract Surgery. First, I want to remove the cloudy crystalline lens. The crystalline lens is actually an optical component of the eye that provides focusing power. Second, I want to replace the optical and focusing power that was provided by crystalline lens by implanting an intraocular lens (IOL) to provide the correct amount of focusing power to allow you to see clearly”, stated Ivan Jacobs, M.D. of The Eye Care & Surgery Center.

Joel Confino, M.D.

“Before you developed a Cataract, if you wore glasses because you were nearsighted, farsighted or had astigmatism it is now possible for us to use a carefully calculated IOL power or special IOL that can correct astigmatism so that you may not need to wear eyeglasses to see at distance after your surgery”, commented Joel Confino, M.D. “Today, it is even possible for us to select IOLs that can correct both distance and near vision so that you can decrease or even eliminate your dependence on bifocals and reading glasses after your Cataract Surgery.”

If you think you have a Cataract or have been told you have a Cataract and would like to be less dependent on glasses it is worthwhile to schedule an appointment at The Eye Care & Surgery Center to discuss advanced technology intraocular lens implants so that we can guide you as you learn about your possibilities and options for vision correction after Cataract Surgery. Please call Eye Care & Surgery Center at 908.789.8999.