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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Symptoms of Glaucoma

"The Sneak Thief of Sight". Unfortunately, there are no symptoms of glaucoma. That is why it is essential to have regular eye exams and pressure checks.
The Glaucoma Research Foundation states, "some groups are at very high risk of having glaucoma. Based in well-designed research, we know that siblings of persons diagnosed with glaucoma have nearly a 10-fold increased risk of having glaucoma when compared to siblings of persons without glaucoma. This means that a 65 year old sibling of a European-derived person has about a 10% chance of having glaucoma, while a 65 year old sibling of an African-American has nearly a 20% chance of having glaucoma. Clearly brothers and sisters of patients with glaucoma can benefit from regular eye examinations with special attention to careful screening for glaucoma.

Other populations are at high risk. Recent studies in Hispanics document that in older age groups, the risk of glaucoma is nearly as high as that for African-Americans (who are known to have nearly four times the risk of European-derived persons). Some research indicates that for African-Americans and Hispanic Americans the risk of having glaucoma can approach 20% in persons over 75 years of age. Clearly these individuals should have regular evaluations for glaucoma. Medicare currently provides a screening benefit for older African-Americans for this reason."

Today's Chuckle:
The latest reports from the Internal Revenue Service shows that it has streamlined its tax form this year.
It looks like this:

A. How much did you make last year?

B How much do you have left?

C. Send B.